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UJU New Materials Co. LTD receives BPA – Free compliance on PPSU

UJU New Materials Co. LTD announced today that third party testing agency, SGS has successfully tested Paryls® PPSU for Bisphenol-A, specifically for the use in Child Use and Care Articles such as baby bottles.

UJU New Materials Co. LTD is a producer of Sulfonated Plastics including Polysulfone, polyethersulfone, and polyphenylsulfone resin. The company’s Global headquarters is based out of Jiangmen City, China in Guangdong Province.

UJU New Materials Co. LTD offers various regulatory approvals including NSF61, NSF14, FDA, BPA-Free, ISO10993 and other certifications. The company currently has technical commercial presence in Greater China, Europe, and North America. They are looking for specification and co-specification opportunities with its resin.